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We have contracts in several countries for one of our largest Packaging Recovery customers. Our client is a global building materials company specialising in fibre cement products. 

The transport of these fibre sheets often requires pallets with different dimensions, often made to measure. These pallets are charged to their customers via a deposit system. Due to the customer-specific dimensions, these pallets are often expensive and cannot be used by other companies. 2Return collects these pallets and ensures delivery to the production location, so that these pallets can be reused.

Our client’s customers, to whom the pallets have been delivered, have access to the web portal and can indicate themselves how many pallets are ready for collection using their unique account. This does not only have to be at the regular collection address, but this could also be at a construction site. Should there be no forklift available at the pick-up location, our carrier can bring one along.

Due to the size of the collection area, the customers are divided into postcode areas, which are linked to a specific transporter and associated depot. Our transporters have insight into the collection requests by logging in to the web portal. They ensure that the collections are scheduled within the agreed period. After they have confirmed the collection date in the web portal, an email is automatically sent to the customers to confirm the collection.

The pallets are collected on the confirmed day and delivered to one of the 2Return depots. Here the pallets are sorted and if necessary repaired. This sorting is fed back to our customers via our IT system to confirm the collection. If Euro pallets require repair, they are repaired according to EPAL standards by our certified depots. After receiving and sorting the pallets, they are stored by type and size at the depots. The stocks are visible to our customer via the web portal. In this way, the required pallets can be called and delivered to the various production locations of our customer at any time, both at home and abroad, in order to reuse the pallets.

Besides the pallet flows, part of the administrative operations is taken care of by 2Return:  the results of the sorting are sent to our customer through EDI, after which the deposit for the collected pallets is reimbursed. We work closely with our client to ensure smooth financial settlement to its customers.

By reusing the pallets instead of discarding them, it becomes unnecessary to purchase new ones. Which, in addition to huge cost savings, is also a sustainable solution because huge amounts of material and energy are saved.




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