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One of our customers is a leading manufacturer of cardboard packaging for companies in the industrial, consumer products and transport sectors.

Pallets are important to a specialist in the manufacture of cardboard packaging.


The large numbers of produced packages and the large diversity of product dimensions require a considerable amount of various packaging items for transport. The purchase costs for this packaging often form an important cost item, making reuse attractive. In addition, the availability and assurance of quality is crucial in the production process.

But because they do not consider pallet management as their core business, it has been decided to hand this over for several factories to 2Return, the specialist in pallet management.

Almost immediately after production the packaging is delivered to the customers, which means there is a daily need for large quantities of pallets. As soon as the goods are delivered to customers, the shipping information is sent to 2Return, which is automatically imported into the pallet management system. This way you can see where the pallets are at any time.

Depending on the agreements made with customers, 2Return ensures that transporters exchange or collect pallets upon delivery and deliver them to one of the 2Return depots.

At the depot the pallets are inspected for quality and sorted by type. Pallets that do not meet the requirements are repaired, so that they meet the quality standards on return delivery.

The pallets are checked 1 on 1 and delivered just-in-time, the factory no longer has to worry about pallets and can concentrate fully on the production of packaging.


Due to limited storage space and fire risk the pallets should preferably be kept in stock at another location. By storing the pallets at the 2Return depots close to the factories, only a limited number of pallets is needed at the factory itself. 2Return took over the management of stock for a number of factories and replenishes their stock on a daily basis.

This way we provide both operational efficiency at the factories and full support in managing the pallet flow to and from the customers.


The web portal shows how many pallets have been delivered, collected or exchanged per customer. By collecting in time, the stocks will never rise too high, thus preventing a shortage of pallets in the factories.


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