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Transportation & distribution of parcels

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E-commerce has radically changed the way of shop with the number of goods ordered via web shops increasing enormously in recent years. And these parcels must all be processed and delivered on time and to the right place.

Our customer is a leading postal company in the Netherlands with a large number of distribution and sorting centres. Part of the processed parcels are delivered in roll containers. But a number of its customers offer the parcels on exchange or one-off pallets.

Some of the customers want to receive the pallets back after use, but returns are not accepted by - mainly international carriers - due to already booked returns. A high number of customers causes a large diversity of packaging supplied, but storage space is lacking in the automated warehouses.

Packaging Recovery from 2Return is a great solution for this:

By permanently storing a trailer at several of our customer's sorting locations, the released pallets can be stacked directly in it. Every day the full trailer with pallets is exchanged for an empty one and if necessary 2Return can make the exchange within 2 hours.

This trailer that is loaded with pallets is transported to the 2Return depot where they are sorted by type and quality. Our team of experienced employees ensure that damaged but reusable pallets are repaired and put on stock. The available pallets will therefore always be of excellent quality. Damaged pallets are recycled.

2Return then returns the checked pallets to the customers or they can be collected from the 2Return depot. If a call is made before 12 noon, we will deliver the next day. For our Euro pallets customers, we even have the option to collect pallets from one of the depots close to where the pallets are needed.

This saves a lot of time and transport costs.

The trailers are switched either on request or on fixed days, so there is no longer a need to worry about the available temporary storage for used pallets. The number of changes can be scaled up during busy times for faster processing and return delivery of these pallets. That way, our customer will never miss out, not even in high season, and the correct quality of pallets is guaranteed.

Transportation & distribution of parcels
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